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Out of the blue, a letter arrives …

Out of the blue, a letter arrives ...

How do we tell right from wrong? What is time? Could a computer think? Do animals have rights? Are you free? What’s the point of school? Could you be dreaming? Where do numbers come from?

This spring and summer, the experienced philosophy practitioners at Thinking Space are forming partnerships with new primary schools in Yorkshire and we’re offering free taster workshops to schools who commission a KS1 or KS2 philosophical adventure.

Each week, for twelve weeks, one of our experienced and playful philosophy teachers will visit your school with a mysterious letter, postcard or package. Each surprise provides the stimulus for an expertly facilitated philosophical enquiry workshop that will introduce your class to the core cross-curricular skills and habits associated with Philosophy for Children (P4C): critical and creative thinking that is also caring and collaborative.

Sessions evolve naturally out of the children’s interests and with your input can link to your topic, literacy and numeracy work. Led by skilled philosophical educators who are fully trained, vetted and insured, workshops also introduce some of the most stimulating, child-friendly philosophical issues around today.

Taster workshops and subsequent projects are led by Grace Robinson, an experienced philosophy teacher, trainer and academic who has introduced philosophical enquiry to children and adults, locally, nationally and internationally.

You can find out more here: Your Philosophical Adventure Flyer TS

Or get in touch on our contacts page.

*An hours’ taster lesson with two practitioners, followed by a consultation meeting to discuss your needs costs £100. This is refunded to all those schools who commission further work.

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