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Philosophy Clubs

What if you spent your half term doing something different? What if you spent it wondering, imagining, and exploring?

Hosted by local venues, Thinking Space Philosophy Clubs are a series of workshops run by friendly philosophers. They are a place to meet other people your age and to talk about questions that are so interesting they’ll will make your head explode and (sometimes) so silly they’ll make your slides split.

Full of games, activities and mind-boggling conversations, sessions last two hours and are suitable for anyone aged 7 – 14. You are welcome to come along every day for a half term holiday full of big ideas or you can pop in to a single session that tickles your fancy.

What is love?
Are humans free?
How long is forever?
Could a computer think?
What’s the point in school?
How do we tell right from wrong?
Could you be friends with a robot?

Do something different this half term, join us at a Thinking Space Philosophy Club near you.

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Philosophical Questions