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Founder, Lead Philosophy Practitioner, BA (Hons) Philosophy, MA Philosophy, PhD (ongoing)

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As a philosophy practitioner, student, academic, writer, trainer and consultant, Grace has spent all of her working life exploring the good philosophy can do in the educational lives of children and adults. She founded Thinking Space in 2008 – an education company dedicated to the business of bringing people into philosophical conversation with one another – and in the intervening years she and her colleagues have enjoyed thousands of these conversations with children and adults everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom and have shared their work locally, nationally and internationally.

Grace firmly believes in collaborative working and has developed strong links with SAPERE the UK charity that accredits her training for teachers. She also works closely with the Philosophy Foundation and various UK universities and sits on the board of SOPHIA the European Network for Doing Philosophy with Children.

Grace is a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Leeds where she runs ‘Leeds Philosophy Exchange’. She is also studying for a doctorate in Philosophy of Education at UCL Institute of Education. She lives in Sheffield with her husband Joe and baby Otto.

Elizabeth Watkins

Associate Philosophy Practitioner, BA Philosophy, MRes Philosophy (ongoing)

Trained by Thinking Space, Elizabeth is Philosophy Practitioner with a particular interest in aesthetic enquiry.  She has taught on a freelance and salaried basis in primary and secondary schools, covering drama, story writing, darkroom skills and art generally. As of January 2014, she mentored undergraduate students on the University of Leeds Philosophy Exchange course. This involves helping with the preparation and evaluation of classes, and modelling responses in the classroom.  Elizabeth has also co-facilitated workshops with Grace on conducting philosophical enquiry in art and museum collections and looks forward to developing this dovetail of her present interests.

She is in the final months of a Master’s degree by research in Philosophy, at the University of Leeds. Her thesis, on the use of facts and principles in political philosophy, continues the interests of her studies on the BSc Philosophy and Politics programme at the University of Bristol. Here, Elizabeth also became interested in the philosophy of science, in aesthetic and political ‘continental’ writings, and in why and how we should do philosophy in non-academic contexts. She has undertaken a fine art foundation diploma and a degree course in Ceramics, both in London, and is now setting up a ceramics practice in Leeds.

Elsewhere, as co-ordinator of the Postgraduate Engagement Network for Creativity in Learning (PENCIL), Elizabeth creates collaborations between postgraduate students and primary school teachers to discuss the role and value of creativity in learning.

Ellie Hart

Associate Philosophy Practitioner, BA Philosophy, MA Philosophy of Science

Ellie studied for her undergraduate degree in philosophy and her Masters in Philosophy of Science at the University of Bristol. She became interested in philosophical enquiry with children as an undergraduate, motivated by the simple thought that children ought to be given the opportunity to think philosophically. Since then she has also become interested in philosophy with adults. Ellie’s own philosophical specialism is in Philosophy of Science and although she enjoys facilitating enquiries in this area, she equally enjoys thinking with people about most other aspects of philosophy. She particularly appreciates the caring and collaborative aspects of community of philosophical enquiry.

Over the past few years Ellie has worked with SAPERE and trained with them to Level 2. In 2014 she set up the ‘Bristol Philosophy Exchange’, the sister of the Leeds Philosophy Exchange. The project is funded by the University of Bristol and sees philosophy students from the University of Bristol philosophy department working alongside class teachers to facilitate philosophical enquiries in two local primary schools. The project is now in its second year. She is currently working with a number of schools in Bristol as well as with a Bristol-based charity, running philosophy sessions with adults.

Amber D’Albert

Associate Philosophy Practitioner, BSc (Hons) Philosophy and Psychology, MA Philosophy

Amber joined Thinking Space in 2009 as an Associate Philosophy Practitioner with particular interests in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. She has worked with Grace to promote creative and critical thinking with students and staff across numerous schools and in recent years she has specialised in our work with businesses.

Amber has also worked for 10 years in the Media developing ideas for BBC, MTV, Channel 4 and ITV including several years developing content for young audiences at Children’s BBC. Alongside her work with Thinking Space, Amber facilitates workshops and generates ideas for media and brand clients through her own company Blue Door. She has used numerous creative strategies to promote new ways of thinking and has seen many of her ideas translated to screen. Amber’s experience enhances Thinking Space’s creative offer to commercial, not-for-profits and charitable organisations, especially those in the cultural sector and creative industries. Amber lives and works in London.

Carl Warom

Associate Philosophy Practitioner, BA (Hons) Philosophy, MA Philosophy, PhD Philosophy

Carl recently completed his doctorate in philosophy at the University of Leeds, where he tutored in metaphysics, modern philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of science, and logic.

He got involved in Thinking Space in 2012 by working as a mentor in the University of Leeds ‘Leeds Philosophy Exchange’ module, and continued in 2013 and 2014. Through this he gained awareness of the enthusiasm and ingenuity of young children engaged in communal philosophical enquiry, and of its great value in furthering their intellectual and behavioural development.

His thesis was in metaphysics, and he also has an interest in political philosophy, the philosophy of social science, and social epistemology.  Most relevant to the work of Thinking Space, he is interested in philosophical questions concerning the nature and evaluation of deliberative institutions.


Abbas Ahsan

Associate Philosophy Practitioner, BA Interdisciplinary Human Studies, MA Philosophy of Religion

Abbas is an Islamic Scholar, his particular research interests lie in the areas of Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and the Philosophy of Science.

Abbas has widely participated as a volunteer, working with adults and children for the local government. He has been actively involved in teaching at various institutions such as schools and universities. He has tutored Philosophy at the University of Leeds and has worked on the Leeds Philosophy Exchange Project as a Postgraduate Facilitator. Abbas is currently working towards pursuing a PhD in the subject area of Analytic Theology with the University of Birmingham. Abbas is based in Bradford.


Darren Chetty

Associate Philosophy Practitioner, BA Education, MA Education, PhD Philosophy (ongoing)

Darren has been teaching in primary schools for almost 20 years and got involved with Philosophy for Children after learning of it as a student teacher. He is a SAPERE accredited trainer with experience of successfully implementing P4C as a whole school approach. Darren has a BA (Ed) with a focus on English and Drama from Exeter University and an MA in Education: Language, Culture and Identity from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Darren is currently completing his PhD in Philosophy for Children and multiculturalism at the UCL Institute of Education, where he teaches on the BA Education Studies. Darren is the recipient of The Biennial Award for Excellence in Philosophy for Children from the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children.

Since 2011 Darren has organised ‘Power to the Pupils’, a primary school ‘hip-hop education’ project combining hip-hop culture with Philosophy for Children to create an innovative and exciting multi-disciplinary educational project. The project has been featured in the Times Educational Supplement and on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

In his spare time, Darren likes to collect things: Swansea City football shirts, vinyl records, Wizard of Oz-related books and snowglobes are amongst the collections jostling for space in his home.

Sophie Collins

Philosophy Practitioner, BA Philosophy

Trained through the Philosophy Exchange Programme, Sophie is a Junior Philosophy Practitioner with a particular interest in philosophical enquiry in widening participation.

Sophie volunteered as a facilitator for the first Leeds Philosophy Exchange project in 2011, and worked to develop the children’s philosophical ability and her own pedagogical interests. She was struck by the flexibility, creativity and academic rigour of creating philosophical dialogue with children, and is hooked.

While working as a Thinking Space Intern in 2012, Sophie contributed to Thinking Space’s social media presence, developed her understanding of P4C and learning about the joy of running a small business.

Sophie graduated with a first class degree in Philosophy and English, at the University of Leeds where her current interest were post-colonial writings in English ethics, political philosophy and metaphysics in Philosophy. Alongside her work with Thinking Space, she also works at the University of Bradford.

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