Tools for Thinking at Chaucer

About the project

This whole-school staff CPD project focused on the teachers for a change. Over a year, Grace and Amber worked closely with the school’s whole staff to share some of the creative strategies we use in philosophical enquiry and explore their use everyday teaching practice.

Thinking Space designed and delivered eleven workshops for Chaucer, which introduced a range of strategies for supporting critical and creative thinking including enquiry-in-role, using paradoxes and thought experiments, and conceptual analysis through making, building and play. Blindfolding teachers, life rafts set adrift on imaginary seas, teepees in the school yard: lots of head scratching and lots of fun.

As part of this project, we worked with the wonderful Tom and Fran from Coney to re imagine the philosophical thought experiment ‘The Survival Lottery’ An interactive theatre piece in which radical public health initiative is proposed that will save hundreds of lives (the numbers speak for themselves, but can you stomach it?)

Alongside this program of CPD we worked intensively with the school council, developing and refining our strategies in light of this work.

This project coincided with the publication of 20 Recipe Cards for Critical and Creative Thinking which are available to download from our resources page.

For more information about the adventures of Coney, wee here

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