‘A Journey in Thinking' at Meynell

‘A Journey in Thinking’ at Meynell Primary School, Sheffield, 2010 -2011

This Creative Partnerships project was a partnership between Pete Brashaw a Primary School Teacher of many years experience and Grace from Thinking Space.

Focusing on improving independent writing, we worked with a year five literacy class over a period of seven months. Our plan was to first promoting independent thinking in the hope that the children’s enthusiastic engagement in philosophical enquiry would form a firm foundation for greater independence in associated writing activities. This progression from independent thought to independent writing was made a success, we think, by the use of ‘Thinking Diaries.’

During the project the children began to receive a series of letters from a mysterious philosopher. As they corresponded the philosopher began to send packages, emails, voice messages and later even visitors to the school, with each new arrival orming the basis of rich philosophical enquiry.

The trip culminated in a trip to Western Park museum in search of the philosopher where they got a bit more than they bargained for!

With support from Joe Lockley, and Jonathan Turner, Thinking Space Associates

Film by James Fryer, Ogle Film and Media http://oglefilmandmedia.co.uk/

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