Askern Spa Juniors Y6 Philosophy Pilot

Askern Spa Juniors pilot

Askern Spa Pilot Philosophy Project

In Summer 2014 Grace began work at Askern Spa Juniors with children in Year 6. This 10 week project covered many of the major areas of philosophical enquiry including philosophy of art, philosophy of mathematics, metaphysics and the philosophical ethics. Our focus was to facilitate tightly framed philosophical sessions accompanied by questions that cut to the heart of the problems presented in the stimulus.
The children taking part talked about things such as, ‘When can war, if ever, be justified?’, ‘What do we mean when we talk about the present moment?’ and ‘What, if anything, is wrong with eating dog meat sandwich?’. This promoted a lot of silly and serious dialogue, and a lot of fun. This project was the beginning of a long term collaboration with Askern Spa Junior School.

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