Baltic Teacher Training

The Baltic Teacher Training

The Baltic Teacher Training

Art makes us wonder, and wonder fuels positive educational experiences. Our collaboration with the Baltic Centre continued with this teacher training for Primary Teachers where we wondered about questions like these: ‘Did someone create this, or did they find it?’; ‘Is it made from something precious or worthless?’; ‘Was this made on purpose or by accident?’; ‘Did it take minutes to make, or weeks?’; ‘Is it original or is it a copy?’ and ‘will the answers to any of these questions help me decide whether it is art, and whether any of it is any good?’

This introductory workshop shared ways to use philosophical questioning, conversations, games and activities to encourage critical and creative thinking among children in primary school. Lead by Grace, the session was packed full of useful strategies that teachers could take away and use. The session took place in the Baltic galleries and made use of the site specific installations of Daniel Buren along with the sculpture-like paintings of Lydia Gifford. It was described by one of the attendees as ‘the best art-related CPD I’ve ever had’.

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