Philosophy with Learning-Disabled film makers

Creative Conversations with young film makers from Beacon Hill Arts Film Academy

In Autumn 2014, we began working with Strong Voices North East an organisation set up to support disadvantaged and vulnerable young people in their engagement with the arts and cultural sector. This project built upon our previous interest in consulting young people using skulls borrowed from philosophical enquiry. This is work that Amber and Grace began in 2012 when they worked with Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) on the national project ‘The Tell Us Bus’ in which over 1000 young people were consulted on their experience of culture in England today. We wrote the following report which you may want to look at here.

The Strong Voices team wanted help to consult young people about their experiences of culture and the progress they may make in pursuing these interests in the future. We were partnered with fantastic Beacon Hill Arts, a film company dedicated to working with young people with special educational needs and disabilities. Together we began to look at ways in which we can engage these learners in challenging conversations about what they enjoyed, what they valued and what they might do with this in the future. Borrowing games developed in philosophical enquiry, Grace and Nicola worked alongside Beacon Hill Arts as they delivered their British Film Institute Film Academy for young film makers with special educational needs and disabilities. We devised a range of strategies, accessible to all young people with varying communication needs, to encourage them to communicate and think together about what is important in their future.

If you’d like to know what the participants made of it all, read this blog by Strong Voices intern JonJoe Clennell.

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