Philosophical Enquiry and the Arts

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Philosophical Enquiry for Artists, Art Teachers and Arts Practitioners – Specialist SAPERE Level 1 Foundation Course

In snowy January 2015, Grace went to Newcastle with Liz to deliver a specialist Level 1 Foundation Course on philosophical enquiry with the focus being on the needs of artists, art practitioners, and art teachers. We were lucky enough to be joined by colleagues from Strong Voices North East , Newcastle Live Theatre, The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Cape UK among many others.

That amount of expertise in the room produced some fascinating conversations about where philosophy and art meet. You can find out more about this here.

Thinking Space offers several targeted Level 1 Courses that explore the potential of philosophy in particular contexts. Another, closely linked to this course, is a Level 1 Course that focuses on museums and heritage.

You can find out more about Grace’s SAPERE accredited training by getting in touch on our contact page, or by looking at SAPERE’s training courses here.

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