Leeds Philosophy Exchange 2013 - 2014

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Leeds Philosophy Exchange

Leeds Philosophy Exchange’ is a project that brings philosophy students, academics, teachers and TAs together in weekly philosophical enquiry with children. Conceived as an exchange of knowledge and skills, this collaboration gives the participants the skills and the confidence they need to lead their own philosophical enquires.

In its second year this project which had previously attracted students and postgraduates as volunteers, became PHILL 2999 an accredited module for second year philosophy students. Now, all students who participate in the project write philosophy essays and reflective journals that count towards their degree.

Below you can see a film about the long term project. The film introduces the children, students, and teachers participating in Leeds Philosophy Exchange as they engage in community of philosophical inquiry for the first time. In it, we see early philosophical inquiry in the primary classroom, students training at the university and the large public enquiries that conclude the first phase of the project – events where pupils and students confidently take the reigns.

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