Occupy - A Philosophical Enquiry in Role

Occupy, A Philosophical Enquiry in Role

Thinking Space collaborated with Gemma Woofinden, freelance drama practitioner in this Artforms-funded philosophical enquiry in role for drama teachers and other theatre professionals. Inspired by the Occupy protests in the UK and around the world the CPD experience began with an immersion day in an Occupied theatre space at Leeds’ West Park Centre. With visits from a city worker, a blogger and a veteran protestor, the day long occupation provided a space for philosophical dialogue about power, money, democracy and change.

After the occupation, the specialists who took part worked together over a series of twilight workshops, deconstructing the process of thinking philosophically in role and producing material to take back and use with children and young people.

See below for Ed Thompson’s brilliant film which we used in the piece. The film uses photographs of protestors from 2011’s Occupy London protests, along with a poem by young poet JJ.

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