Philosophy Mentoring with Shire Oak Primary


Philosophy Mentoring at Shire Oak Primary

In 2011-12 the teachers at Shire Oak Primary School began experimenting with philosophical enquiry in their classrooms. Year One argued about whether to believe Miss Miller’s story about a dog the size of a bus while year Six asked what happens when Lucretius’ Spear reaches the edge of the universe.

Shire Oak also found out what happens in philosophy sessions with a cross curricular group of children. (Twenty children from key stage one and two are still wondering whether they’ll survive their holiday to Mars!)

Grace continues to work closely with all of the teachers at Shire Oak modeling sessions, sharing materials and offering detailed feedback on staff-led sessions in preparation for next years’ whole-school training. Head Teacher Jane Devane hopes this mentoring will support the staff to find creative ways of using philosophical enquiry in their everyday teaching practice.

Grace offers one-to-one mentoring in conjunction with SAPERE accredited level one training in P4C, see our training pages for more information.

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