HEA conference presentation

‘The Story of Leeds Philosophy Exchange’ Presentation at the HEA Arts and Humanities Conference, Brighton

The Higher Education Academy’s second annual learning and teaching Arts and Humanities conference, ‘Storyville: Exploring narratives of learning and teaching’ took
place on 29 – 30 May 2013 in Brighton.

Grace attended an presented a paper on Leeds Philosophy Exchange – an innovative programme she had helped develop at the University of Leeds. Grace spoke about the successes and stresses of setting up the project and shared some of the features of the course that colleagues might replicate in other higher education institutions.

Leeds Philosophy Exchange is an on-going project that brings philosophy students, primary school pupils, and teachers together to learn from each other. It recognises that while philosophers have their expertise, they often know little about education and the lives and learning of local children. It also recognises that teachers who are experts in the classroom, are often philosophical novices. It recognises that children can benefit from the wisdom and experience of teachers and philosophers, and of course, adults can benefit enormously from philosophising with children.

All three parties, teachers, children and philosophy students exchange their skills and knowledge in this project that brings weekly philosophical enquiry to children aged 7 – 11 in Leeds.

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