Ethics Training for Rand Europe

Rand discussion

“Thinking Space provided us with an insightful day of carefully tailored training – one that we really enjoyed!” – Jennie C

RAND Europe is a not-for-profit research institute whose mission is to help improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. Grace and Amber in collaboration with Thinking Space consultant Dr Alice Temple were commissioned to support Rand as they set up and trained their internal ethics panel of researchers from across the orginisation from backgrounds as diverse as healthcare, defence, education, social policy and international development.

Drawing on Grace’s background in applied ethics research and teaching and using dialogic and enquiry practice alongside traditional teaching methods, this one-day training was designed to:

* Promote ethical thinking among participants and to enable them to begin to encourage ethical thinking among their colleagues within the organisation.
* Enable participants to identify issues in research that require ethical attention (e.g. research with human subjects).
* Support participants to find solutions to the research ethics issues they identify, allowing work to be completed wherever possible.
* Increase awareness of common research ethics issues and some of the ways that those issues may be resolved.
* Familiarise participants with research ethics resources.

Here’s what some of the participants said about the day:

“The practical element and the background work was spot on.” – Sonja Marjanovic
“I found the ethical judgement exercises very interesting” – Susanne Sondergaard
“The context and the history of ethics; the obvious, broader knowledge of Grace about the study of ethics; discussions on capacity and children and working through different examples were particularly useful and interesting.” – Emma Disley
“I will take away a critical approach to assessing projects against our set of ethical principles and making decisions. Also, anticipating opposing arguments and thinking of additional questions were useful devices to learn.” – Fay Dunkerley
“There was a nice layout of the day with clear transitions from theory to practice” – Susanne Sondergaard
“Both trainers engaged well with the group and displayed excellent knowledge in the area of ethics.” Sophie
“The trainers were easy to listen to, well informed, interesting” – Jennie C
“Thank you for accommodating our wishes and interests and for putting together a comprehensive programme to meet them in the time available.” – Susanne Sondergaard
“The course brings something quite abstract to life in a fun and interactive way.” – Sonja Marjanovic
“This was a very useful course for anyone working in research.” – Sophie

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