SOPHIA Conference, Zagreb, Croatia, May 2014

Croatia photo 1

SOPHIA Croatia Conference

On May 8th- 11th 2014, Grace and Elizabeth lead a workshop as part of the SOPHIA network of ‘Europeans doing Philosophy with Children’. This year’s theme was ‘Ways into Philosophy’ and answers to this question came from all over Europe and covered a variety of ways of doing philosophy with young people.

Grace and Liz shared our work on ‘philosophical enquiry in role’ – an approach that dramatizes philosophical problems and invites participants explore them from the perspective of characters they have helped devise. We shared the enquiry ‘Something Fishy’ originally designed for Students with Special Educational Needs in conjunction with Cap-A-Pie and later reworked for Primary Students with Equal Voices. In the enquiry a community of fish-loving islanders discover their resources are dwindling. They are left with desperate, demanding and duplicitous fellow islanders along with the question – ‘How might scarce resources be shared fairly?’

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