The Baltic, FE Art Student Workshop

The Baltic Further Education Workshop

The Baltic, Further Education Student Workshop

Our collaboration with the Baltic Centre continued with this one day workshop for art students in further education. Hosted in the Baltics galleries, this workshop brought together Sixth Formers and College Students from across the North East region. Together they further developed some of the intellectual, verbal and reasoning skills required for students with aspirations to work in the professional art world. This was supported with the site-specific art works of Daniel Buren and the sculpture-like paintings of Lydia Gifford. We practiced conceptual analysis, close looking, reason giving and robust critiquing.

Here is what some of our students said on the day:
• “Discussion of different questions was *very* inspiring artistically”
• “Made me look at things I normally wouldn’t look at in more depth and gave me a different way to expand my understanding of the subject”
• “A real eye opener”
• “[I learnt] to take on other people’s perspectives on a topic or object and compare it to my own.”
• “I learnt to look for longer and in more detail”

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