The Baltic, 'Space To Think' Workshop: Daniel Buren

The Baltic Daniel Buren

The Baltic, ‘Space To Think’: Daniel Buren

‘Space To Think’ is a series of adult workshops open to the public commissioned by the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art in Newcastle. These workshops, on Sunday afternoons, are open to anyone (16+) interested in art and / or philosophy. They are a relaxed, inclusive space to think together and don’t require any expert knowledge or experience to get involved.

The first our workshops explored the notion of place using the sight-specific art works of Daniel Buren.

“What is place? Why does it matter? What’s its significance in artworks and art practice? How does our concept of place relate to ideas we may have about time and space?”

In each of these workshops we explore the possibilities of making abstract ideas more concrete using the artworks in front of us. To help the group come to a richer understanding of the contested concepts and questions under discussion, participants are invited to share specific things that they observe in the artworks and from there we draw out insights accessible (though rarely accepted) by everyone.

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