ICPIC Conference presentation

‘The Stories we live by’- Paper presentation at the ICPIC Conference, Cape Town South Africa

In August Grace travelled to Cape Town to give a paper and take part in an international conference on philosophy with children. She was joined by philosophers and educators from across South Africa and the rest of the world – some were familiar faces like Lizzy Lewis from Sapere, Pete Worley from The Philosophy Foundation, Karin Murris from Cape Town University and Darren Chetty from IOE and Power to the Pupils. Many more were unfamiliar faces giving accounts of the educational challenges faced by South African children and teachers, speaking of the African ethic of Ubuntu and the impact of philosophy in African schools, colleges and communities. This was the International Council on Philosophical Inquiry with Children’s (ICPIC) sixteenth conference and the first in South Africa.

The programme for this conference and all the papers given are available here.

Grace’s paper looks at the role of narrative in ethical enquiry with children. In it, she presents a view of the nature of narrative and ethics, and the relationship between the two. She argues that narrative is at the heart of ethical life and learning. We live and learn by virtue of the stories we tell and the stories that are told to us. This is possible not only because these stories present us with vivid ethical contexts, but also because successful engagement with and enjoyment of these narratives requires the exercise of capacities that also help us lead good lives.

The paper draws on examples from one of Oscar Wilde’s fairy stories The Devoted Friend. The image above is from a beautiful illustrated version of the text by P J Lynch.

You can read her paper here.

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