We lead projects

Our philosophy projects support groups of children, young people and adults to explore the big questions that interest them. We work with schools and other partner organisations in lots of different ways depending on their particular interests and needs.

In a typical project, one of our experienced facilitators will visit your school or organisation, once a week for twelve weeks bringing with them intriguing stories, articles, images, film clips, objects, puzzles and packages. Each surprise provides the stimulus for an expertly facilitated philosophical enquiry workshop that will introduce your students, colleagues or clients to the core intellectual and socio-emotional skills associated with ‘Community of Philosophical Enquiry’.

Sessions evolve naturally out of the participants interests and, where appropriate, can link to curriculum topics, current affairs or emerging issues. Run by experienced philosophical educators who are fully trained, vetted and insured, our workshops also introduce some of the biggest issues in philosophy today from metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and aesthetics.

Here are some of the ways we might work together:

Taster Sessions
We offer schools and organisations new to philosophical enquiry half-day taster sessions where we’ll model an enquiry and talk to your staff about possible project ideas. Were taster sessions lead to a project commission, the taster session is a freebie.

Enquiry Projects
We prefer to work with schools or organisations over time; to build relationships and to make real progress. Enquiry projects comprise half-day or full day sessions spread over weeks or months. Enquiry projects can be ‘off the shelf’ (see portfolio) or specially designed to suit your needs. A typical enquiry project would comprise twelve weekly, hour-long workshops.

One-off Events
We offer specially designed stand-alone sessions in special circumstances e.g. conferences, festivals, staff training and school trips etc. We’ve designed lots of philosophical learning experiences from enquiry-in-role training for theatre makers to applied ethics workshops for TV companies. Get in touch if you like to discuss your idea.

Concessions are available for charities and voluntary organisations.

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