We Do Research

Thinking Space write, publish and present work in education, philosophical education and philosophy. Grace is the author of “Creative Philosophical Enquiry” and is currently working on a philosophy thesis on narrative and ethical education. We occasionally take research and writing commissions.

Previous research reports, journal articles, conference papers and talks include:

Research report: English Children’s Cultural experience
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Commissioned by Creativity, Culture and Education

Amber and Grace were commissioned to write this report in response to a nationwide exploration of children and young people’s access to and experience of culture, drawing on interviews with 1,394 children from all nine regions of England.

Journal Chapter: Teaching applied ethics of sport
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Commissioned by the UK Subject Centre of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism

A chapter by Grace and colleague Dr Karen Llewellyn on the work of Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA CETL), distilling key features of their approach to teaching applied ethics in departments of sport and exercise science.

Conference Paper: Narrative in Ethical Enquiry with Children
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Presented at the 2013 ICPIC international conference on philosophy with children in Cape Town, South Africa

In this philosophy paper Grace argues that narrative is at the heart of ethical life and learning. We live and learn by virtue of the stories we tell and the stories that are told to us.

Conference presentation: Agora – Leeds Philosophy Exchange
For the Higher Education Academy’s ‘Storyville: Narratives of Teaching and Learning’ Brighton .

A talk on ‘Leeds Philosophy Exchange’ – Thinking Space’s collaboration with The University of Leeds. An innovative programme that trains philosophers and teachers to work together in primary schools