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We have loads of resources for stimulating philosophical enquiry. Some of our materials draw on big ideas from the history of philosophy, others address curriculum topics or particular educational needs. Some explore pertinent issues. If you’re looking for something in particular, please get in touch and ask.

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Twelve Tools for Talking and Thinking


Thinking Space were lucky to be part of Creative Partnerships projects from 2008 – 2011 working on twenty different projects with dozens of teachers and hundreds of children.

‘Creative Philosophical Enquiry’ is a resource Grace wrote in 2012. Published by CapeUk the organisation responsible for Creative Partnerships in Yorkshire, it is now freely available to download. Get your copy here.

The resource combines an introducion to some of the key ideas that underpin philosophy with children along with strategy cards that you can download experiment with.

Philosophising with photos, philosophy in role, philosophy and forest school. It’s all here!

Download our reading list

Our reading list contains an extensive list of written resources on the philosophy of education, and for conducting philosophy with children, including Practical resources, Practitioner Websites, Academic books and articles.






A list of recommended books is also available via our Amazon wishlist.



Video stimuli



Our youtube playlist provides a handy list of example video stimuli for philosophy sessions.